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At Bio-Oil®, we are committed to researching and developing skincare specialist products that achieve superior product performance. Every Bio-Oil® product undergo clinical trials before it is launched.
“It has to be a better product in that category.
If it’s not going to be a better product, we’re not launching it.”

David Letschert, Co-Founder & Research Director of Bio-Oil

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Received this awesome product @biooilsg which helped my itchy skin so much. Have tried many products but it doesn't work.

After applying, my skin stop being itchy and it slowly healing my skin too. highly recommended product to everyone

Kindbear QueenyKoh


It's paraben and preservation free which is great for my sensitive skin.

Overall, it helps moisturise my eczema prone skin well throughout the day. However, I wish it comes in a different packaging, with a smaller opening so that it will be more hygienic!

Lee Jia Yi


Love this Bio Oil Gel! Made from oil with only 3% of water and it is paraben free and preservative free. It works on all skin types and you only need to apply a tiny amount of it. I love the pretty clear pinkish gel and it can be used to tackle eczema and dry, itchy skin. Dry skin equals to faster aging and wrinkles. So I make an effort to apply the gel after a shower to restore moisture before bed. Great product!

Cindy Toh


Love that the product has a nice smell and the gel looks pretty as well! It was also very easy to use and absorbs very quickly into my skin.

Tania Ong


My hubby always has dry and itchy patches due to his ezcema. After trying Bio Oil Singapore's Dry Skin Gel, his skin has improved so much! Using it right after bath really helps. Best of all, it is Paraben and Preservatives free! Highly recommend!

Shixian Val


Tried the Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel. Great product for my child’s eczema-prone dry skin. Instantly moisturized her skin upon application and keeps it hydrated! Only wished it came in a squeeze bottle so it will reduce contamination of product each time we use it.

Felicia Seet


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