Skincare Oil

Helps treat scar, stretch mark 
and uneven skin tone

The world's leading scar
and stretch mark product

Recommended by gynaecologists and midwives.

With over 400 skincare awards.

  Clinically Tested and Proven

Also effective for:

• Ageing skin
• Dehydrated skin


Received this awesome product @biooilsg which helped my itchy skin so much. Have tried many products but it doesn't work.

After applying, my skin stop being itchy and it slowly healing my skin too. highly recommended product to everyone

Kindbear QueenyKoh


It's paraben and preservation free which is great for my sensitive skin.

Overall, it helps moisturise my eczema prone skin well throughout the day. However, I wish it comes in a different packaging, with a smaller opening so that it will be more hygienic!

Lee Jia Yi


I love that it hydrates and moistures my skin and my skin does not feel dry after staying long hours in the air con room. It’s paraben and preservative free and it is suitable for kids!

Regene Loo


Both me and my daughter have eczema, both our skin is like super dry especially after a shower, so we tried this and it really moisture our skin. It is easy to apply too, even my daughter can apply for herself when she need.



A thin layer is enough to keep my skin moisturised. I will apply it all over my neck before bed as I sleep in an air-conditioned room. I will also apply it whenever my skin feels itchy and dry. So far, I managed to maintain my skin condition and eczema seldom flares up.

Zoe Wang


I love how my dry skin on my legs improve after afew days application. The itchiness got relieve and this is literally my saviour.

Sherrill Arabelle Nightingale


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